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1-Mile Chesapeake Bay Challenge

The 1-Mile Chesapeake Bay Challenge Swim started in 1998 and consists of a triangular-shaped course starting and ending at the small sandy beach adjacent to the Bay Bridge Marina on the eastern shore immediately south of the Bay Bridges.  The event is coincidental with the 4.4-Mile Great Chesapeake Bay Swim (GCBS); the two events start approximately the same time at the different ends of the Bay Bridges.  The 1-Mile Challenge is completed before the first GCBS finisher crosses the Bay.

Official results of the 2016 Chesapeake Challenge

More information is available at and Lin-Mark Computer Sports (links above). Sorry, this page has not been updated in a while, and Lin-Mark has removed many past results from their web site.

PDF Files of 1-Mile Swim Results
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Description of File Pages File Size
04 230 finishers
03 294 finishers
02 249 finishers
01 1-Mile Challenge, 2001 Results  (230 finishers)  LIN-MARK
pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)Alphabetical listing of 406 finishers  (1998-2000) 11 59 kb
00 pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)1-Mile Challenge, 2000 Results (211 finishers) 5 24 kb
99 pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)1-Mile Challenge, 1999 Results (153 finishers) 4 19 kb
98 pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)1-Mile Challenge, 1998 Results (82 finishers) 2 12 kb
Logos for the 2003 - 1999 Challenges:

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