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News and Views
This web page was intended to provide reference information about specific newspaper articles that reported on past Bay Swim events and related activities.  The actual text and pictures of such copyrighted articles cannot be provided without permission.  For example, the Washington Post's copyright information web page indicates that they generally do not give reprint permission for fund-raising or other commercial purposes.  Getting such preprint permission for all the GCBS-related news articles will not be attempted!

Newspapers that regularly reported on the Bay Swim:

The Capital
  Baltimore Sun Washington Post Washington Times

Most newspapers now have an archive section that is accessible via the internet. (e.g., see Washington Post's search page).  You can generally search for articles and obtain their headlines and other "envelope" information free.  You're routinely charged a fee to retrieve the full text of the article.  Pictures are usually not available. However, the explosion of information on the internet makes it relatively easy to obtain news about the Bay Swim without charge from a wide variety of sources.

If you access the news article the day it appears on the web, you can save a copy for your files.  In some instances, the paper will allow you to access the text freely for some time after the article appears.  In much rarer instances, the newspaper will keep the article available for a longer time on one of its servers (e.g., Chesapeake Swimmers Catch Turning Tide by David Brown appeared in the Washington Post on June 8, 1998, page A03, and is still available).

You can also use a public library to find old Bay Swim news articles and print them from microfilm or other methods.  For example, one can search and download The Capital's online archives at no charge from any Anne Arundel County (Maryland) Public Library. In addition, If you join a local library in the Washington/Baltimore area, you may be able to download archived Post and Sun articles free.

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