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Bay Swim 2002

|||| June 16, 2002 ||||

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Great Chesapeake Bay Swim 2002

Water conditions for GCBS 2002 were choppy due to a good tailwind that pushed nearly 600 swimmers and of a ton of neoprene and zippers eastward towards the finish. The favorable wind produced good finishing times that were about 5 minutes faster than average.  Water temp. was 72 F.  There were 642 entrants (451 males; 191 females), 585 starters, and  581 finishers (411 males; 170 females) for GCBS 2002 (event information).  57 entrants did not show up on race day and only 4 starters did not finish the event (61 names). 

Action Sports International (ASI) captured individual finishing photos of all but 122 swimmers (only 49 of these 122 swimmers were not pictured in part in the background of other swimmers' photos).  The ASI roll and frame number for all finishers are provided here.  Additional photos of GCBS 2002 have also been posted by LIN-MARK and

A videotape of GCBS 2002 by Jane Rice along with the ASI thumbnails and the official LIN-MARK results ordered by the time-of-day (adjusting for the 15-minute difference between Wave 1 and Wave 2) allowed for the identification of all 82 swimmers (14% of finishers) who did not wear a wetsuit.  The 51 males and 31 females who did not wear wetsuits were, as a group, faster and younger than the 499 wetsuit wearers.

 BIB numbers were posted 12JUN02.  Wave 1 (slower swimmers) had RED CAPS numbered 1-303; Wave 2 had YELLOW CAPS numbered 316-656. 

GCBS-2002 Results

June 16th LIN-MARK Listing (Official Results)

pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)581 Finishers by Order of Finish  (9 pp, 90 kb)
pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)581 Finishers Alphabetically  (9 pp, 90 kb)

pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)581 Finishers by Time of Day (ASI Finishing Photo Order)   (9 pp, 90 kb)

pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)82 Finishers - No Wetsuit (4 pp, 40 kb)
pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)Timeline Chart (499 Wetsuits vs 82 Non-Wetsuits) (1 p, 13 kb)
pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)57 No Shows and 4 Who Did Not Finish (1 p, 17 kb)

Pre-GCBS-2002 Entrant Listings

June 12th LIN-MARK Listing (639 entrants w/BIB #s)

pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)Entrants by BIB # and prior performance  (12 pp, 106 kb)
pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)Entrants by BIB # (shorter ID "mingle sheet")  (7 pp, 40 kb)

pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)Entrants alphabetically with prior performance  (12 pp, 107 kb)

pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)Veterans ranked by prior performance (12 pp, 104 kb)
pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)88 Entrants who dropped out since the March 20 Listing (2 pp, 19 kb)

March 20th LIN-MARK Listing (674 entrants; 51 WL; no BIB #s)

pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)Entrants listed alphabetically (14 pp, 124 kb)

pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)Entrants ranked by past GCBS performance (14 pp, 120 kb)

pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)Entrants by AGE GROUPS and prior performance  (15 pp, 128 kb)
pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)Entrants ordered by # of past GCBS finishes  (9 pp, 88 kb)
This information was derived from the closed-out GCBS entry list of March 20, 2002, and the final June 12, 2002 BIB # listing.  To obtain the most current updates and the 1-Mile Bay Challenge swim entry list please see the official 2002 GCBS entry lists at Lin-Mark.

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