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Bay Swim 2000

|||| June 11, 2000 ||||

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Great Chesapeake Bay Swim 2000
Description of File Pages File Size
1 pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)GCBS 2000 Results (559 starters; 541 finishers) 11 47 kb
2 pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)Active finishing streaks for the 541 finishers 11 105 kb
3 pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)Number of completions for the 541 finishers
(ordered by number of completions)
11 103 kb
4 pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)Number of completions for the 541 finishers
(ordered by overall place in GCBS 2000)
11 97 kb
5 pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)GCBS Timeline Chart  (versus 14 prior Bay Swims)) 1 90 kb
6 pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)Chesapeake Bay air and water temperatures (TPLH) (prior to GCBS 2000, 5/1/00 - 6/11/00) 6 149 kb
Pre-GCBS-2000 Entrant Listings
7 pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)Entrants of 2000 GCBS ranked by past GCBS performance 14 97 kb
8 pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)Entrants of 2000 GCBS by AGE GROUPS and prior performance 15 104 kb
9 pdf_s.gif (926 bytes)Entrants of 2000 GCBS ordered by # of past GCBS finishes 9 67 kb
Official Results -- includes Age Group awards (
Pictures of GCBS 2000 and prior events.


GCBS experience of 541 finishers in 2000June 11, 2000  A lot of folks were not too excited about braving the hazy, humid heat that gripped the Chesapeake Bay area for a third consecutive day (see PDF file #6 above).  Although the air temperature 17.4-meters above Thomas Point Lighthouse reached a relatively moderate 81F at 5:00 p.m., at Baltimore-Washington International Airport it rose to 95F, 4 degrees short of the record of 99F for the date set in 1911.   Airborne pollutants and temperatures in the mid-90s prompted the Maryland Department of the Environment to issue "Code Red" air-quality alerts, advising people with heart and respiratory problems to restrict outdoor activities. 

GCBS 2000 Finisher's MedalAlthough the stifling heat proved irksome for some, at Sandy Point State Park 559 athletes competed in the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim.  They were supported by an even greater number of volunteers and spectators.  The heat didn't dissuade the majority of these competitors from sporting their thick black neoprene wetsuits for added safety, increased buoyancy, and faster times.  As it turned out, all but 18 swimmers successfully completed the Chesapeake Bay crossing.

Sean Brennan, 26, of Forked River, N.J., won the 4.4-mile race for the second consecutive year, with a time of 1 hour, 26 minutes, 42 seconds. The female winner was Susie Rabiah, 33, of Shaker Heights, Ohio.  She finished the March of Dimes fund-raising event in 1:40:43.

The most remarkable honor, however, went to Jean Ludtke of Hyannis Port, Mass., who after 4 hours, 15 minutes and 20 seconds paraded onto dry land to the sounds of cheering spectators.  What was so special about this long journey?   It was the fact that Ms. Ludtke just turned 76 years young the day prior to GCBS 2000!   Although she had already held the record for the oldest female finisher in Bay Swim history at 69, she bettered the overall mark by 6 years!   Shortly after emerging from the water, Ms. Ludke said that her 2000 swim across the Chesapeake Bay will probably be her last.

Official GCBS 2000 Logo

Newspapers that reported on the 2000 Bay Swim:

The Capital; Baltimore Sun; Washington Post; Washington Times

In 2000, all but 12 of the 71 original wait-listed swimmers moved up to the Entry List as a result of entrants or wait-listed swimmers officially dropping the event.  The table below shows how last year's Wait List moved.

Number of Swimmers on Wait List for GCBS 2000
(only 12 of 71 were shut out)

Date(2000) # on WL Date(2000) # on WL
March 16 71 May 29 27
April 8 64 May 31 22
April 19 48 June 8 12
May 15 37 June 11 - GCBS2000


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